Resident Evil Turns the Hearn Into a Soviet Zombieland

BlogTO says

Abandoned since 1995, the Richard L. Hearn Generating Station has slowly deteriorated into the stuff of a Hollywood set-designer's dreams. Its rusty corridors and abandoned control rooms just scream zombie-movie, so it's not much of a surprise that the latest offering in the Resident Evil franchise is currently in production at the old power station.

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pomoluese2664d ago

Rusty corridors. That seems like a pretty big safety hazard.

That place does look really awesome though.

Crazay2664d ago

HAHAHAH!! Someone call the Zombie Health and Safety Team to take a look.

pomoluese2664d ago

They could just make a movie about people turning into zombies from all the old stuff in there D8

Maybe they are

ABizzel12663d ago

I'm surprised they were Nazi zombies.

alycakes2663d ago

Love the way they do all this work just to put out a movie. All the money we women spend to look better then they go and spend all that time to look like zombie to be in a movie and people don't even know who they are because you can't recognize them when they're done.

judoka24132663d ago

¨Crazy stuff they do just to be included in the movie.

gazerino2663d ago

Its like an Urbexers dream palace!