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25 Best Movie Explosions

PCA: The first big movie explosion occured in The Great Train Robery in 1903 (dynamtie was the prop of choice, in case you were wondering). Since then, a Hollywood blockbuster hasn't been complete without an explosion or two (or sixty-two, if the film has been directed by Michael Bay.)

While the below films might not be the most nuanced or sophisticaed examples of cinema, they sure do know how to blow things up in style. If you're the proud owner of a new home theatre, you absolutely must add a few of these movies to your collection.

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Blink_443246d ago

I like the explosions in V for Vendetta and Fight Club

youndamie3245d ago

yea v for vendetta was crazy

alycakes3246d ago

Yep, that V for Vendetta was a classic explosion.

loudhugo3245d ago

specially the clock tower part....

Sahil3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

The word Explosion reminds me of Saving Private Ryan, dunno why.