More Pictures of Batman and Bane Fighting for The Dark Knight Rises

CBM says

In these images you can see the face of the mysterious figure that is wearing the black cloak and standing behind Bane.

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youndamie123248d ago

He is but he shouldn't be the main villain

alycakes3248d ago

I'm like Tom Hardy more and more in the movies he's making. I think he's doing very well in the parts that he is choosing to play.

Crazay3248d ago

Im rather sick of him already...

Captain Qwark 93248d ago

same here, very talented. good taste in films too. and i agree with blink_44, he is crazy bad ass when done right

StarWarsFan3248d ago

What a flood of material lately.

Crazay3248d ago

Filming in NYC = A crapload if new info every day.

alycakes3248d ago

Only because of all this DKR filming stuff that comes up but from the time I saw Tom Hardy on Inception...I knew he was going to be a good actor that I would follow..then Warrior came along and I gotta say...he was great in it.

Blink_443248d ago

He was really good in RocknRolla, which was the first movie I've ever seen him in.

alycakes3248d ago

Yes, forgot about that one too. That movie didn't get enough credit either.