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The Hellish Productions of 6 Great Movies

FSR: Most films tend to be technological and logistical nightmares right from the start; clusters of egos working together with complicated equipment in an attempt to capture what is essentially a really elaborate lie tends to be a rather surreal process, so it’s not really surprising to hear that a whole lot of craziness can go down during the making of a movie – however as unsurprising as it may be, it’s still damn entertaining.

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loudhugo3246d ago

thats what happens when your not using hollywood movie model x... im sure Tower Heist didnt have many artistic discussions...

alycakes3245d ago

I'm sure all movies have some type of problems. They may not be the exact same ones but they're probably just as time consuming and want to make them pull their hair out when things aren't going just the way the want them to.

MRoz3245d ago

I think the most frustrating thing would be to have an uncooperative actor, natural occurrences are one thing, but...

Blink_443245d ago

Some of the shoots they were talking about are crazy long

judoka24133245d ago

Apocalypse now was amazing.