IGN - Nikita: "Clawback" Review

IGN - "Clawback" was an exhilarating combination of bad-ass action and compelling emotional drama that delivered more than its share of surprises. I'm frankly a little confused as to how an episode of Nikita could be this good without either Percy or Birkhoff in it, though the latter did make a funny cyber cameo. If you pause when Nikita is reading his message about Gaines, you can read his bragging about how easy it was for him to get past the SEC's pathetic firewall.

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darfreeze3248d ago

I really need to watch this show. I've only seen the pilot and I can see a lot of potential. Plus, Maggie Q is hot. XD

pr0digyZA3247d ago

It really is a great show, better than I thought it would ever be. Moves at a fast pace, there are more things happening in this shows one season than many other shows 5 seasons. And that last episode was epic felt like a movie.