IGN - Chuck: "Chuck Versus The Bearded Bandit" Review

IGN - Who's Luke Skywalker, Morgan? Who's Luke Skywalker?! Well, first off, you just fought the guy who played him last week!

I was very happy with how "Chuck Versus The Bearded Bandit" played out. We were once told that not just anybody could handle the Intersect – that Chuck was special in this regard. But that seemed to be falling by the wayside more and more. Last season we had two government agents, played by Isaiah Washington and Stacy Keibler, both get Intersects, but at least you could rationalize that they were elite agents, who were handpicked and somehow molded into Intersect receptors (say that ten times fast). But Morgan? He's just a random guy, and yet he has been handling it fine. So learning that no, something is off with him and the Intersect is exciting.

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