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Player Affinity writes: "Jim Shannon took center stage in "Bylaw," and this not necessarily because he had more screen time than the other members of the Shannon family, which he did, but because the main story was an investigation following every single rule in the book of police procedurals. A choice that, understandably, exposed the episode to some of the weaknesses of the genre."

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Blink_443242d ago

Watched the first episode of this, thought it was alright but I haven't watched it since

youndamie123241d ago

its a decent show watchable but will probably get cancelled they should have stayed in the future that was way more interesting

Blink_443241d ago

I think I stopped watching because I'm watching way to many shows this fall and I just forgot about it .

alycakes3241d ago

I still watch it but I have to record it since I'm watching too many other things too.