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More The Dark Knight Rises Set Photos & Information Involving Bane's Plans

CBM says

It appears as though Tom Hardy's Bane will truly be another criminal mastermind in the Nolan Batman universe.

- "Both Hardy and Bale were there, I'm pretty sure they lost the daylight though"

- "It wasn't about winning, it was about getting the cops through the mercs. We were instructed to show resistance but to let them through, especially Modine."

"Money makes you ugly"

"Corporations constructed Greed"

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Crazay3247d ago

There's a crap load of good stuff coming out from this weekends filming in NYC. Some awesome info, and even better images.

Blink_443247d ago

Can't wait for this movie

alycakes3246d ago

Yes, I've been seeing a little bit here and there but really not enough to catch my interest yet...just waiting for the movie now.

StarWarsFan3246d ago

It's like Occupy Wall Street!