Inside Movies Review: A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Oh, for the good old days! For the days when critics like me were hated for being too highbrow. Back in those ancient and quaint times, the surest way to get your readers pissed off at you was to pan a popular movie.

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Mikefizzled2660d ago

Can't wait to see it!
Still don't quite understand why its been released so early though.

youndamie122660d ago

yea i would rather see it in december

judoka24132660d ago

I agree with you. Probably they are showing it earlier becacuse there are plenty of movies releasing on december!

DarkBlood2659d ago

not to mention the fact thats right around that twilight movie part 1 is releasing

it would just get overshadowed i think

Blink_442659d ago

Probably just wait till this comes out on DVD

alycakes2659d ago

Didn't they do this movie in 2D also for the theaters? I don't like going to 3D movies and if it isn't in 2D at the movies then I'll have to wait until it comes out on dvd.

StarWarsFan2659d ago

Good stuff. As long as it's better than the first sequel, then I'm happy.

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