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Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "In order to prep us for The Avengers, Marvel figured it would probably be worth giving the first real Avenger his own movie. Captain America, a popular comic book character finally has his shot to capture audiences on the big screen. Chris Evans plays the courageous, but scrawny little man without fear and with lots of courage. Taking a giant step in the opposite direction of recent comic book adaptations Captain America: The First Avenger sets its sights on becoming a light, action packed film that catches unfamiliar viewers up to speed with who the shield throwing, blue helmet wearing, American lover really is."

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youndamie123251d ago

This was pretty good better than thor but not as good as iron man

alycakes3250d ago

I agree with youndamie12 on that one. I did like it though...very good movie and I've added it to my collection.