Gary Busey To Guest Star On Two And A Half Men

Cinemablend: "It’s been a little while since Cinema Blend has heard from Gary Busey. Last spring he spent a crazy and surprisingly elongated tenure on Celebrity Apprentice. More recently, he filmed Piranha 3DD and landed a few other roles in film projects in Hollywood. Now, Gary Busey is ready to return to television, this time in a scripted role."

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movieshateyoutoo3249d ago

A bad show that fired its leading crazy cast member gets a crazy guest star... winning?

flamethrowerrd3249d ago

I guess Chuck Lorre misses Charlie afterall.

loudhugo3249d ago

now they got 2 unfunny people on the show!

alycakes3248d ago

You've got that right...I don't like where they've taken this show at all and even though I didn't like what Charlie did at the end when he was acting crazy...he was what made that show work.

krazykombatant3248d ago

So what is he going to be naked along with Ashton??? Jesus I swear they should have gotten another actor to keep the charlie role going again. Not this b.s of Ashton being naked every other scene. We went from a man that was winning and getting hot chicks all the time, to some cry baby that has an ugly wife, and is stupider than jake..

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