More Controversy For The X Factor, This Time Over Lip Syncing

Cinemablend: "And once again, The X Factor is making headlines for controversy. This time, the Fox series is in hot water over lip-syncing. During last night’s group performance, one of the competing contestants could be heard singing before his mouth started moving, which suggests he (and presumably everyone else) was lip-syncing."

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darfreeze3251d ago

I'm still sad that they send Intensity home.

Blink_443251d ago

Don't like any of the final acts really

youndamie123251d ago

Drew and josh are pretty good

flamethrowerrd3251d ago

Who cares about American Idol 2?

alycakes3250d ago

I like the little girl, Rachel Crow, she is really good and I want her to win...she probably won't but it won't matter because they like her so much...someone will give her a contract rather than let her go.

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