Eddie Murphy Greatness And Other Reasons To See Tower Heist

Cinemablend: "Let me get this out of the way right now. Tower Heist is stupid. It’s so dumb, in fact, that I can’t imagine anyone watching it and not mumbling, “Wait—what?” at least once. Its gaps in logic are numerous, and its plot holes are big enough to lower a car through. Its idiocy is such that with almost any other heist movie, that quality would likely become its fundamental characteristic. On paper, the audience should have left this movie confused and angry, but thanks to a brilliant performance by Eddie Murphy, a slew of great scenes and a few awesome asides, people walked out laughing and reminiscing about their favorite parts."

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Blink_443250d ago

Seeing this movie in 1 hour.

Blink_443248d ago

It was good- not great, there were a few lol moments. The cast really worked well together, overall I would recommend seeing it.

StarWarsFan3249d ago

Eddie Murphy's back doing the material he does best.

krazykombatant3248d ago

I want the eddie from the 80s back please, saw 48 hrs last night. Ahhh such a funny movie.