'Walking Dead' Preview: 'Cherokee Rose'

MTV says

Where is Sophia? That's one of the many questions on the tips of everybody's tongues as "The Walking Dead" continues trucking through its powerful second season. That topic gets explored further in this week's episode, "Cherokee Rose," debuting on Sunday night (November 6).

Want to find out what happens this week? We've seen the episode early, and past the jump, we're giving you a taste of what's to come. As always, minor spoilers lie ahead.

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alycakes2659d ago

I wish they would hurry up and find that little girl...I get so upset that they haven't found her yet but I get the feeling that she's okay somewhere.

Blink_442659d ago

I just want them to find her just to make her mom stop crying...she is getting on my nerves.

Crazay2659d ago

I just want them to find her so that part of the story is put to bed.

alycakes2658d ago

I just knew he was going to find her last night in that old run down house but he didn't.