‘Die Hard’ Search For Bruce Willis’ Son Down To Four Actors

Deadline: In the young actor category, a role to die for is John McClane Jr, the son of Bruce Willis’ indestructible cop character in A Good Day To Die Hard, which John Moore will direct in Russia early next year for 20th Century Fox.

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alycakes2663d ago

They just need to remember not to make him too old because the son was younger than the daughter in the earlier movies so they need to keep that in mind and hire the appropriate age.

loudhugo2662d ago

Jesse Pinkman... 'nough said

Blink_442662d ago

Saw this on espn a few weeks ago when someone involved with the project joked about having Tim tebow play his son, thought it was funny.

Lord_Sloth2662d ago

Go with the man who cooks with Chili P...Bitch!

youndamie122662d ago

This should be the last one dont want the series getting stale

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