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LRA: Top 5 Films Featuring Eddie Murphy

LRA writes: This is not going to devolve into a "what happened to Eddie Murphy?" rant. It is all too easy to focus on his recent failures (if you call the past decade or so recent that is) but I tend to be more of an optimist when thinking about one of the greatest comedic actors of all time. It appears as though it is every comedian's dream to become an A-list dramatic actor at some point in their career and ditching their comedy roots. Sometimes it works out (Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, Robin Williams) and sometimes despite their successful attempts it doesn't (Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell). Eddie Murphy doesn't exactly fit into either of those categories though because he went a completely different route, he actually entered the family film market which seems just as strange a choice today as it did when he first went down that road (although it is my understanding that fatherhood had something to do with that decision). In any case, I don't tend to look at his recent work and hate the guy for it (it was his choice after all). I like to look back at the Eddie Murphy that put a smile on my face and had me dying from laughter all those years ago. This is my list of films that I look back at when I want to remember the good times, when Eddie Murphy was on top of the world. Back when Eddie Murphy was still the f**k you man!

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Blink_443246d ago

Beverly hills cop is so funny!

loudhugo3245d ago

it would make more sense a top 1 or 2 best eddie murphy movies haha