Tarsem’s Snow White Movie Now Officially Titled ‘Mirror Mirror’

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With a release date about five months away, it’s about time Tarsem‘s Snow White movie got a title. First known in early stages as “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White,” then simply being that untitled movie that was irritating the hell out of Universal, Relativity have announced today that the film will now be called: “Mirror Mirror.”

Lily Collins takes on the lead role in the film that also features Julia Roberts as the Queen, Sean Bean as the King and Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew Alcott. The story, written by Melissa Wallack and Jason Keller, will strike a tone between adventure and comedy with Snow White teaming up with a pack of seven dwarfs to take on her evil stepmother who has destroyed the kingdom and killed her father. Tarsem certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to visuals, and as the plethora of early film stills have revealed, at the very least, this thing will be dazzling to looking.

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darklordzor3249d ago

Darn Aly....You got it just before me. I just got the PR release a little bit ago.

I'm not entirely sold on the title. To tell you the truth. Tarsem's Snow White was actually starting to grow on me as the title.

alycakes3248d ago

Sorry about that...I was just browsing and there it was. It's about time they gave it a name though.

StarWarsFan3249d ago

Mirror Mirror? I'm not impressed.

darfreeze3249d ago

Mirror, Mirror sounds cool and fits the movie I think.

alycakes3247d ago

Yeah, I think so too. I don't know if I'm going to be going to see 2 Snow White movies though and I'll be torn about which one to see...I guess I'll have to wait on the trailers and advertisements.

alycakes3247d ago

Yes, this one Mirror, Mirror and the other one that's going to be released around the same time but not exactly know when is Snow White and the Huntsman....

darklordzor3246d ago

You know, I had the chance to check out an early beta trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman...and it didn't look terrible. The VFX weren't all done and the dialogue they chose for the trailer was a little cheesy (so it kind of looked like a made for TV movie), but if they tighten up a few things it could be pretty good.