Walden Media And Jennifer Lopez Team Up On ‘Carmen Sandiego’

From Deadline:

Walden Media has acquired rights to turn "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" into a live-action film involving Jennifer Lopez.

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darklordzor3252d ago

Haven't they been trying to bring this series/idea to the big screen for a while now? Hasn't it NOT been successful in the past. While I loved the old cartoon show, I can't say I'm that excited for an adaptation.

edwest3252d ago

The presense o J-Lo just killed this. This could have been a good property to revive under the right circumstances. It's no surprise Walden Media have gotten their hands on it, given their core values.

pomoluese3252d ago

Yeah any hope is destroyed when she's put in it.

StarWarsFan3252d ago

This could be cool if they at least go the PG-13 route.

3252d ago
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