Alan Silvestri Confirmed to Compose The Avengers Soundtrack

From TMP:

A few weeks ago rumors started spreading that Alan Silvestri, who composed the soundtrack for Marvel's Captain America would be returning to score The Avengers. Now it appears that we have confirmation that it's true.

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edwest3247d ago

Now this is good news :D

darklordzor3247d ago

Yeah I'm pretty excited about it. Though it's hard for me to ever get excited about soundtracks. I'm deaf in one ear so the music is not something I ever pay that much attention to....unless it's really bad and doesn't work with the film.

pomoluese3246d ago

Damn I think soundtracks take up more of my ipod.

pomoluese3246d ago

Thank God. I was worried it was going to be more crap like on the trailer.

darklordzor3246d ago

LOL, yeah, I wasn't thrilled with the trailer music either, but again, I didn't really pay much attention to it with all of the pretty images flashing before me.

StarWarsFan3246d ago

I'm a big fan and he's the right choice for this big movie.

Deadpool6163246d ago

After setting this event up for several years, they'll want to make sure everything is just right. I'm glad the music is in good hands.

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