Bad Movies We Love: Hocus Pocus

MovieLine - Whip up a cauldron of haterade, because this week’s Bad Movie We Love is a foray into children’s Halloween cinema. It’s a bargain bin Addams Family ripoff with spooky gusts of wind beneath its wings. It’s Hocus Pocus, my pretties, Disney’s perennial Halloween favorite for people who were exactly 7 in 1993. (Present!) We’ve got yer veteran character actresses in hag attire, a couple of winning child stars, and two songs that should

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pomoluese3251d ago

I liked this movie and I'm saying this after watching it a year ago not when I was 3.

loudhugo3250d ago

fast and furious for me

pomoluese3250d ago

That series. It's like none of them are particularly good, but they're not terrible. I guess it accomplishes what it set out to do. Fast Five was a little too long though.

TheWolverine3250d ago

Holy childhood nostalgia, BATMAN!