IGN - South Park: "1%" Review

IGN - South Park has always been resourceful in taking some of its best material from current events, and when the pre-air press said that this week's episode was going to take on the Occupy Wall Street movement, the media practically lost their minds in an orgy of articles predicting how Trey and Matt would present their spin on the topic. The comment boards at Huffington Post and FOX news were poised for a righteous explosion of politically biased comments on the episode. But the Trey and Matt clowned everybody, pulled a clever bait and switch, and gave us an episode that initially covered the "1%" movement, but ended up focusing on Cartman working out some psychological issues in his own very unique and disturbing way.

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DaRazorback2663d ago

I know that I am in a minority here, but I have never been a big fan of the series. I have seen like 20 episodes and probably laughed 2 times.

movieshateyoutoo2663d ago

I guess that would put you in the "1%" because this show is still amazing and makes me laugh till it hurts weekly.