Sony Pictures Animation Sets ‘Smurfs’ Scribes Jay Scherick & David Ronn To Script ‘Popeye’

Deadline: Sony Pictures Animation has turned to its The Smurfs scribes, Jay Scherick & David Ronn to script Popeye, the animated adaptation of the comic book. SPA and Avi Arad are producing Popeye, which will be a 3D stereoscopic effort.

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darklordzor2664d ago

You know, I got this press release pretty quick...but had absolutely no interest in doing anything with it. I just can't be excited about this.

StarWarsFan2663d ago

Is Popeye going to be transported into the real world along with the Smurfs?

JL2663d ago

I like Popeye. But from the Smurfs writers? God they're just looking to desecrate all my fond childhood memories huh? We also had Yogi last year, Carmen Sandiego announced today. Not to mention the countless others in the past.