Why a Killer Deal to Turn the Hit Video Game Assassin’s Creed Into a Movie Has Shocked Hollywood

NY MAG: Last month, Variety reported that Sony will soon be signing a deal to adapt Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft's massively successful video game franchise. But Vulture has learned that this is no ordinary rights deal: With Creed one of the highest-selling modern game franchises (three installments have sold 30 million copies globally), Ubisoft was able to demand and receive an unheard of amount of control over the project. To make the deal, Sony had to grant the gaming company approval over just about everything — budget, principal cast, script, release date — and Hollywood spectators are flabbergasted. Notes one incredulous insider, “As a director, even Steven Spielberg cannot get this kind of deal.” And yet it's this very overarching power that may doom the project, as it has other gigantic video game movies.

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StarWarsFan3252d ago

We'll see how it turns out. Movies based on video games don't have a good record.

Johnny Jiron3252d ago

true but how often does the parent game company have this much control in the feature film?

Blink_443251d ago

this would prbably be the first time ever really.

Blink_443251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

this would prbably be the first time ever really.

EDIT: sh!t sorry for double post.

youndamie123250d ago

yea but I think they could pull this off

darfreeze3252d ago

Whoa, that sounds so great. Hope this movie succeed.

loudhugo3251d ago

the license is great... one of the best new ips of this generation, lets see how this turns out