Andy Serkis Closes Big ‘Planet Of The Apes’ Deal; Should Fox Campaign For Oscar?

From Deadline:

The studio just closed what I’m told is a healthy seven-figure deal for Andy Serkis to reprise his role as lead ape Caesar. Serkis had only signed on for one movie, so his reps had leverage in ensuring that he come back to continue leading the ape takeover in multiple future installments of the series.

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darklordzor2664d ago

Hell yes he deserves an Oscar. His was one of the best performances I've seen on screen in a long time. He was able to convey emotions and thought all the while never speaking. I was hooked on Caesar and his performance nearly choked me up several times.

As for the other news, I'm so glad to see Fox making movement on the sequel! Hopefully, we'll have more news on it soon.

alycakes2663d ago

I agree that was a great movie and he made it great. The emotion in his eyes and face was so real. He did make me cry and I was just so sad when he realized that he didn't belong with humans.

youndamie122662d ago

yea a oscar is wel deserved