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Player Affinity writes: "Up to this point I have kept my suspicions about the potential upcoming plot twist in the sixth season of Dexter quiet, mostly because I myself hate spoilers. I never really understood people that actively seek to ruin or at the very least diminish their viewing experience by finding out the shocking moments weeks or months before they’re set to happen, but they do exist, and in this particular case I hit the internet to confirm to myself that I wasn’t, in fact, crazy. This entire paragraph should serve as a warning to anyone that doesn’t want to even have the possibility of a spoiler coming their way - this is entirely speculation, but there is mounting evidence to suggest that my and many other people’s shared theory is true. "

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alycakes3250d ago

Gosh...I'm really missing my Dexter. Every season I have to wait until it comes out on dvd and then I watch it all at once over a few days.

loudhugo3248d ago

i love dexter, it was my favorite show since the last season of breaking bad... that one gets better by the season, dexter has been declining for a while