Watch Harold And Kumar Sing Some Of Your Favorite Chirstmas Carols...Kinda

Commercials on television are pretty damn awful (particularly when they come right after a major reveal in your favorite television show), but if there's one kind of commercial I miss it's the commercials for new music albums/anthologies. While they aren't completely extinct, I remember ten years ago when you couldn't watch an hour of television without seeing at least two of them. They were great because they gave you a pretty good preview of the songs plus typically featured the artist looking overly emotional while belting out choice hits. Lucky for us, Harold and Kumar have brought that experience back with a new video from Funny or Die.

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Crazay3275d ago

I love Harold and Humar. Can';t wait to see this movie but the problem is they released it too soon. I'd have much rathered it came in another 2-3 weeks.