Interesting Things From The James Bond Skyfall Press Conference

Bleeding Cool says

More from the Skyfall press conference.

The film is to shoot in Whitehall, Scotland, Turkey and, of course, Pinewood Studios. They start filming today. The Scottish scenes are being shrouded in secrecy.

Skyfall is not based upon any prior Bond book or property of any kind.

The plot of Skyfall is not connected to the last two films and Quantum are not involved. So we can forget all that jibber jabber about a trilogy we were slathered with on the way into Solace.

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Crazay3242d ago

It's kinda funny that the James Bond series holds it's own press conferences outside of any traditional trade shows like Comic Con.

DarkBlood3241d ago

so even though its not a sequal to the last 2 films and has nothing to do with it, its still takes place some time after those films?

bassically a new adventure in a sense and i dont know if i made any sense out of that for my self lol