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Proof That Jersey Shore is Fake

IGN says

Not that it's completely necessary to take potshots at something like MTV's Jersey Shore, and I'm sure you all don't need to be told that it's all staged, but web comedian/commentator Sean Klitzner made a sweet video that pretty much breaks down the abject f***ery Zapruder film-style. Check it out. We're through the looking glass, people…

StarWarsFan4645d ago

I don't think the people that watch this show care if it's fake or real.

JL4645d ago

"I don't think the people that watch this show have enough brain activity going on to care if it's fake or real."

There you go. I fixed it for you :D

darklordzor4644d ago

Yeah, if they're watching it anyway...why on Earth would they care. And if they do believe it's completely real....then God help us all.


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