Brand New Underworld: Awakening 3D Trailer Released

A brand new trailer for Underworld: Awakening has been released and showcases a lot more story, action, and the always watchable: Kate Beckinsale.

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darklordzor4156d ago

I still don't like how the Lycans look. They still look too cheesy and about on par with the first film's. Surely they could have stepped it up a little by now.

Blink_444156d ago

Agreed, they were good when the first movie came out, now they look laughable.

SnakeCQC4156d ago

i always liked them the transformation from man to lycan us soooo cool

darklordzor4156d ago

Well that's cause they actually work and use some VFX to make that transformation happen. The actually werewolves themselves look like cheap costumes they put on the actors.

pomoluese4156d ago

Yeah I think they have the work werewolves of any film I've watched.

darklordzor4156d ago

Okay, I'll add a little here and give the Lycans something. That large one they showed in the trailer, actually looked pretty decent, but that's because it wasn't just some guy in a suit. It does make a difference.

dead_eye4155d ago

I like the guy in the suit lycan. Nice to not have someone fight something that isn't there for a change

pomoluese4156d ago

Hmm the premise seems like this could be decent for an Underworld film, even if they're just rehashing the this hybrid is the key to the future thing.

darklordzor4155d ago

Hey, any time the vampires aren't filled with teen angst and what not, I'm good with it.

I have always enjoyed the Underworld series, it's good fun and entertaining, regardless of how thin the plot may be.

pomoluese4155d ago

Well it would be nice to have a good plot. Shoot for the stars.

The second one was pretty bad even though it had some crazy deaths.

alycakes4155d ago

Well, I love the Underworld films and I like the way the Lycans change and look too. This could be the best one except for the first one of course. Out of all the Vampire and Werewolf movies I might even get my husband to go see this one because he loves Kate Beckinsale.

darklordzor4155d ago

Yeah, she's a pretty good way to get a lot of guys into the theater. Though I always thought the action and gunplay was exciting too! ;)

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