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Joel Edgerton Is in Talks to Star in the 300 Sequel

The future of Greece may be in doubt these days, but its past is looking pretty good to Warner Bros. Insiders tell Vulture that the studio is entering into talks with Aussie Joel Edgerton (Warrior, Animal Kingdom) to star in 300: Battle of Artemisia, the sequel to the studio's super-stylized 2006 hit.

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darklordzor3412d ago

I still do hope they make a cameo for Gerard Butler happen. I just think that'd be awesome. As far as this news goes, I think it's a pretty good choice. We know he can bulk up and look powerful, plus he's got acting ability too. Sounds like a win-win to me.

DarkBlood3412d ago

another epic battle about to happen cant get any better then that got to see this on the big screen

StarWarsFan3412d ago

I hope it just doesn't end up being more of the same thing after all these years since the first 300. It needs to be mind-blowing.

alycakes3411d ago

Well, for Gerard Butler to be in it or do a cameo they would have to do flashbacks since he did die in the first movie but I'm all for it too...I love him and he always makes a movie better as far as I'm concerned.