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Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained


Screenrant says

Confused about the ending of the third ‘Paranormal Activity’ film? Here’s an explanation – and how the three films interconnect.

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Crazay3406d ago

This is an awesome article for those of us who have seen all 3 movies. It ties together some events that I either hadn't thought about or forgotten because they seemed so minor at the time of watching them

darklordzor3406d ago

This is an awesome break down of the story. Very well put together and I don't envy those who had to research and do it. Very nice for those who aren't up on all of their Paranormal Activity lore, though the unanswered questions do make me want a 4th one soon.

alycakes3405d ago

I didn't read it because I haven't seen any of them but my son keeps telling me that I need to see them so now I may just have to do that.

Crazay3405d ago

You really should. I've liked each and every one of them. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

SKUD3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

You WILL be disappointed. I still have yet to see a paranormal film that tops the exorcist. The fourth kind was better then this series. Just sayin. If you like 30 seconds jet engine sounds just before something happens then you will LOVE THESE FILMS.

banner3405d ago

IMO the exorcist is the scariest movie ever.. I hope pa3 doesn't let me down I liked the others and hope that I get a good scare this weekend, even if it isn't scarier than the excorcist. I don't think any movie will ever be scarier than exorcist.

TacticEspionage3405d ago

Ive still yet to watch this...Can anyone tell me if its any good?

aviator1893405d ago

I'm usually not fond of horror movies, but Paranormal Activity movies are just plain great and jumpy. The third one was a bit disappointing, but the first two are incredibly enjoyable and scary.

Crazay3405d ago

I've been really enjoying the series and I really liked the background the 3rd movie provided.

DrRichtofen3405d ago

Man I still need to see this and the second movie

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