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'Dark Knight Rises' In New York: Live From The Set

MTV says

"The Dark Knight Rises" resumes production in New York City today. With Batwings and bombs already in the Manhattan mix, who knows what director Christopher Nolan has in store for today's shoot… but we're about to find out.

MTV News reporters Kevin Sullivan and Brian Phares are on the ground at today's "Dark Knight Rises" shoot in midtown Manhattan, and we're bringing you all of the details live as we get them. Click past the jump for Kevin and Brian's firsthand account on what they've witnessed from Nolan's third and final Batman movie today, and keep tuning in for more updates as we get them.

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StarWarsFan3407d ago

To many photos and videos; too little trailers.

Crazay3407d ago

Just a bundle of positivity eh? There's some good stuff in there.