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Nicole Kidman, Director Philip Noyce Set for 'My Wild Life'

The Hollywood Reporter writes: "The long-gestating drama My Wild Life, centering on animal conservationist Dame Daphne Sheldrick, is finally taking strides towards the big screen."

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darklordzor3412d ago

I don't care, I'm going to say it. Nicole Kidman is ridiculously hot. I've always thought so, and that's not going to change.

Blink_443412d ago

Dude, she is 24 years older than me and I think the same thing.

darklordzor3412d ago

Exactly, that's just how freaking hot she is. She's a cougar I'd never turn away.

movieshateyoutoo3412d ago

I wonder if audiences will pay money to see her in this film since they haven't been showing up for any other movie she has been in for quite a while.

darklordzor3412d ago

I wouldn't say that's her fault though, or because of her performances. I just don't think the overall movies she's done have been the best.

alycakes3411d ago

It depends on the type of movie it is but I like her and i usually go see her movies but if it's just a talking, no action movie I don't has to at least have some suspense and drama to it to draw me in.