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The Young Cast of The Hunger Games

Vanity Fair has posted an interactive image on their site which highlights a few of the main cast members from The Hunger Games.

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darklordzor4157d ago

Well this is just kind of boring. They aren't even in costume. Oh and if you haven't read the books, they give away some ridiculously big spoilers in the information on each character.

They even go into when they die and how long they last on some of them. Seems to give away a lot of info there.

alycakes4156d ago

Glad I read your comment before reading the article so I won't read that now. Still can't wait for the movie though.

darklordzor4156d ago

Yeah, that's a big reason why I posted that comment. I've read the books so it's not a huge deal to me, but I was shocked at what they were revealing.