Milla Finds Rodriguez in Latest Resident Evil: Retribution Set Video

STYD says

Milla Jovovich is keeping the Resident Evil: Retribution set videos comin'. This time it's from a night shoot and...look at that, Michelle Rodriguez taking a break. The actress is reprising her role as Rain, a character left for dead in Paul W.S. Anderson's 2002 Resident Evil. Jovovich's second video gives you a look at some of the locations they're shooting on. Die hard RE fans, enjoy

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pomoluese4160d ago

I got a warning not to go to the site when I clicked on the link to view article

Crazay4159d ago

I got that warning too in the morning yesterday. I think it's cleared up now.

pomoluese4160d ago

I'm amazed at how much behind the scenes stuff she's been able to film. I guess when your husbands that director you can get away with it.

I do love how enthusiastic she is about all her work and how sweet she it to all her fans.

Crazay4159d ago

I like how excited Milla is too. It shows to the fans that it's a labor of love.

alycakes4159d ago

I've always liked her. Even when they interview her she just seems so down to earth especially when she talks about her little girl. But I really like it when she plays Alice in these films.