G.I. Joe 2 Set Visit with Behind-the-Scenes Peek at Roadblock vs. Firefly

CBM says

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on the New Orleans set, and Adrianne Palicki, who describes her character Lady Jaye as the brains of the team.

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Crazay3405d ago

I'm happy to see The Rock getting some proper love in the action movie scene. I was a huge fan of his in WWE and thought The Scorpion King was decent. It's good to see him in Blockbusters.

darklordzor3404d ago

Scorpion King was just awful...however I do love The Rock, and think that he's a decent actor. He's done some good work and think he's got overall acting potential, but he definitely needs to stick with the action movies. I just hope this Joe film doesn't suck.

Blink_443404d ago

He was hilarious in the other guys.

darklordzor3404d ago

Oh yeah, he was about the only good part in that film.