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Couch Potato Club Review: Sailcloth

As a movie nut, it comes as no surprise that I’ve seen tons of films. My friends even like to joke that I own more DVDs than Blockbuster. Hell, I’ve probably lost more DVDs than most people will ever even own in their life. Through my tons of movie watching, I’ve taken a bit of pride in trying to watch a broad range of films. From Hitchcock to Spielberg. From classic black and white, to modern CGI laden movies. From indies that nobody has ever really heard of to cult classics and blockbusters. From comedies to thrillers, I’ve seen quite a variety of movies. However, something I never really got into was short films. Nor have I ever really gotten into silent films. While I have seen several Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin films, it was nothing I really got into. Sailcloth happens to be both: a silent short film. So, you can imagine my reservation going into it.

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