THR - Tower Heist: Film Review

THR: Tower Heist spins on a crackerjack premise that’s played for broad entertainment value, rather than real interest in the contemporary economic issues at its core. Brett Ratner’s comic caper about a bunch of co-workers who turn the tables on a Bernie Madoff type who has swindled them out of their pensions is snappy, well cast and streetwise in a well-upholstered New York sort of way, and it is peppered with smart-mouthed sass, much of it supplied by Eddie Murphy. This smoothly engineered crowd-pleaser should fulfill its function just fine through Thanksgiving and beyond.

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PaPa-Slam4168d ago

wow, they like the Movie, it rare to see a positive review for THR. can't wait to see it.

Blink_444168d ago

Seeing it this weekend.