Halloween Gone Wrong: The 10 Least Scary Movies of All Time

THR: Most scary movies do their jobs -- they keep audiences up at night, tossing and turning or quietly crying their fears into their pillows. However, sometimes scary movies are so ridiculous or have such cheesy dialogue they don't produce screams, just laughs. These 10 horror films are some of the least scary scary movies to ever hit the big screen.

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Blink_443127d ago

Wait...the happening wasn't a comedy..?

alycakes3127d ago

They're right...none of those were scary but some were a little weird.

movieshateyoutoo3126d ago

The scariest thing about The Happening was Mark Wahlberg acting as naive & stupid as Eddie Adams from Boogie Nights. There were multiple instances that he delivered lines that sounded just like they were out of one of Jack Horner's pornos.