IGN - Chuck: "Chuck Versus The Zoom" Review

IGN - Chuck, I'm very glad to have you back. I have always loved this show, but am frankly amazed to find myself reviewing the Season 5 premiere. Every year, Chuck barely got renewed and it's only thanks to NBC's overall misfortunate that a show this low-rated has survived this long. But for those of us who are the Chuck faithful, the point is – it's back! And yes, we know this time that this is really and truly the final season, but that's a good thing. A five-year run for a show like this is great (and if you listen to IGN TV's podcast, Channel Surfing, you know my belief that all serialized dramas should end after five seasons). Plus, after so many times having to write an ending that was possibly the series finale, this year, Chuck creators Chris Fedak, Josh Schwartz and their writing staff can craft the entire season knowing it's heading towards a true conclusion. We win, people! We. Win.

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