Matthew Modine's Character Nixon In The Dark Knight Rises Not All That He Seems?

CBM says

Possible plot SPOILERS regarding both Bane and Modine's character Nixon follow. We had been led to believe that he was a politician and a villain, but maybe not!

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Crazay2757d ago

That's not terribly surprising information here but it's still pretty spoileriffic if it's true.

StarWarsFan2757d ago

I'm glad Matthew Modine has finally gotten a chance to be in some major material.

Crazay2757d ago

I know the guys face, but I can;t honestly think of anything he's been in off the top of my head...I'm sure if I tried really hard I'd think of something. I guess Nolan sees something in him to cast the man in this movie.

darklordzor2757d ago

Sounds like a pretty logical conclusion to me, but you never know. It does seem odd that he's running around with a gun, if he's only in the role we've been 'officially' told about.