Second Dark Knight Rises Trailer Attached to Sherlock Holmes 2?

From TMP:

Rumor is coming out now that the second trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will be attached to Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which releases in December.

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darklordzor3406d ago

Please be true, please be true...

I really want to see more TDKR footage and with all the filming they've gotten out of the way now (as opposed to when they did the first trailer) there should be plenty of awesome things to see.

Sahil3405d ago

In the 2nd trailer, I'd like to see a bit more Bane and Catwomanhh!

StarWarsFan3405d ago

It better be a trailer worth my time.

darklordzor3405d ago

I wouldn't say the last one was a waste of time though. It was a teaser and that's all it was meant to be. Hell, they'd barely been filming by that time so didn't even have that much footage to work with.

koouunn3405d ago

one the 1 hand i would love to see this, on the other damn it too many spoilers will be shown and i would like to go in relatively fresh.

oh god, the choices...THE CHOICES!!!

darklordzor3405d ago

I don't know, I doubt Nolan would put very many spoilers in his trailers. More than anything we'll get glimpses of a story, but there'll still be plenty of questions waiting to be answered.