Now Taking the Stage, the Strippers vs. Werewolves Trailer

STYD says

The trailer for Jonathan Glendening's Strippers vs. Werewolves was sniffing around Shock this morning, so we captured it and tossed it in the video player below for you. Regular readers of this site are no stranger to the upcoming horror-comedy starring Barbara Nedeljakova, Sarah Douglas, Robert Englund, Lucy Pinder, Martin Kemp and Ali Bastian, but for those new to the title, here is the plot crunch.

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Crazay2786d ago

I'm pretty damn sure that when I watch this, I'll feel both dirty and like I just lost a little piece of my life that I'll never get back - then again, I LOVED Zombie Strippers and this kinda has the same sort of feel so who knows? Maybe it'll be one of my guilty pleasures.

darklordzor2786d ago

Interesting and strangely awesome. Looks like one of those cheesy B-movies that you just can't help but watch.

Crazay2785d ago

Exactly what I'm saying. Sometimes the fromage makes for a good time.

darklordzor2785d ago

LOL, I would say the 'fromage' makes for a good time, most of the time. Hell, that's why I love watching Army of Darkness!

Crazay2785d ago

Yes - Army of Darkness is something of a special film. So is 8 Legged Freaks and Zombie Strippers...all due to the Fromage they exhibit without apology.

darklordzor2785d ago

Oh yes, 8 Legged Freaks. I'm completely terrified of spiders. It's a big phobia of mine, but I still loved watching that movie. It's was so hilariously awesome.

alycakes2785d ago

This is so strange it's actually funny so I'll probably see it at one time or another but not at the theater....gotta love the idea of the title though.

MinimeJer052785d ago

That looks pretty bad. Not even something I'd want to go out and watch. That being said, if it were to pop up on the Sci-Fi network or something I'd be totally down for watching it.

Crazay2785d ago

It's really not meant to be anything more then a B-rated tongue in cheek direct to video release. Chances are good you'll find it on Netflix or somewhere like that before it's on Sci-Fi.

Come on MiniMe - Enjoy the fun and gratuitous nudity complete with copious amounts of poor writing, shitty acting and over the top blood.

pomoluese2785d ago

Didn't watch the video but I can tell this will be a quality movie that makes you think just by the picture.

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The story is too old to be commented.