More Skin-Rotting 'Cabin Fever' Sequels: 'Patient Zero' and 'Outbreak'

Bloody-Disgusting says

One of the best independent films of the last decade is Eli Roth's Cabin Fever, which ages like fine wine. With a sequel already in the books (Spring Fever was directed by Ti West and released in 2009), The Indomina Group has landed franchise rights with plans on producing multiple films featuring more skin-rotting terror.

The Indomina Group has optioned the rights for two new Cabin Fever installments, which will be Cabin Fever: Patient Zero and Cabin Fever: Outbreak. The films will be shot back to back in the Dominican Republic in early Spring of 2012. Details inside.

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Crazay2757d ago

I REALLY like Eli Roths Cabin Fever movie and watched the second....I can safely say that Cabin Fever 2 was a flaming piece of dog crap. This makes me more then a little skeptical that these movies will be any good at all.

darklordzor2757d ago

Yeah the fact that the sequel was just so terrible, doesn't make me think these will be any better. Sounds more like franchise milking to me, especially considering they're already announcing 2 sequels. So it's obvious they don't care how bad the first sequel may be, they'll do another one anyway.

MinimeJer052757d ago

The first Cabin Fever was awesome. The second is apparently not as bad as it looks, but I doubt I'll ever watch it. Same with the sequels.

Crazay2757d ago

DO NOT watch the sequel. it was freaking terrible man.

MinimeJer052756d ago

Really? I heard Ti West's original cut was bad ass.

Crazay2756d ago

if Cabin Fever 2? HELLL NO!! It sucked so bad.

alycakes2757d ago

This doesn't interest me at all. I'm more into the more realistic scary stuff.