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Offers Made for Third 'Riddick' Battle

Bloody-Disgustng says

While production has been shut down in Montreal, we did a little digging and have landed some potential casting news for Universal Pictures' Riddick, which is being directed by franchise creator David Twohy. We're being told that offers were made to Andreas Apergis, Katee Sackhoff (White Noise 2: The Light, Growl, The Haunting in Georgia), Bokeem Woodbine (Total Recall, Devil) and WWE wrestler Dave Bautista (The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption).

Apergis would play "Krone", commander of the dark theocracy. Sackhoff would pay "Dahl", a Nordic merc tracking Riddick.

If signed, they would join Vin Diesel and Karl Urban in the R-rated sequel to Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick.

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Crazay3408d ago

By adding someone like Bautista to the roster, they're clearly going for a beat of a man to do some major ass kicking cause Bautista is a mountain of a man.

darklordzor3407d ago

I really hope this film finds some funding. On the other hand, I can't believe they tried to go as far as they did without any. They must have known before hand that they couldn't pay anything.

I liked the Riddick series and would love to see another one.

Crazay3407d ago

I found that to be interesting information too. It seems that maybe they were trying to build up some hype for the movie with the hopes that someone would swoop in with a bag full of money or something. I really hope that it all gets worked out because another installment would be awesome.

darklordzor3407d ago

I'm sure that's exactly what they were doing with all the Facebook concept art releases and what not...but when the money wasn't showing up, they shouldn't have moved as far forward as they did. It seems foolish, and instead of building up hype, they now look stupid for getting kicked out.

I think another Riddick would be great, and the plot synopsis they have so far sounds pretty awesome.

Crazay3407d ago

You're right. Everyone (more specifically Vin) has egg on their face and they look like amateurs. Makes me wonder what the other actors are thinking about the project now.

darklordzor3407d ago

True, that might make some of them who got these offers think twice, even when the money comes back.

MinimeJer053407d ago

Batista is awesome and I'd love to see him in this type of movie, but lately he's been in nothing but trash, so I hope his name floating around isn't a sign of the films quality. I doubt it is, but I'm worried!

pomoluese3407d ago

I can always use a little more Starbuck in my life

alycakes3407d ago

Well, I hope they work something out. It would be ashame if he didn't get to make this movie now after all this work that's already been done and it wouldn't say much for Vin D. either and how he is as a business man.

pomoluese3407d ago

I think the fact that he already got shut down for not paying shows that he's a bad business man

Crazay3407d ago

I'm not so sure that it displays his abilities as a business man. I mean some of the things he';s done has been quite good. A gambler for sure but in business sometimes you have to take a gamble. I'm not convinced this is the end of the road for Riddick.

pomoluese3406d ago

@crazay I think that since he didn't pay that studio, he's going to have a bad reputation from now on, so it will be difficult for him get other studios to trust him on future projects.

And that's the end of my conversation bubbles.

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