Jason Segel Takes Walter To Los Angeles In New Clip From The Muppets

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When The Muppets hits theaters on November 23rd, it will bring back all of your favorite Jim Henson characters. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal, Gonzo, Beaker, Rizzo, Sam Eagle, Pepe The Prawn and all the rest will be represented on screen, but there will be a new face that you won't recognize along for the ride as well. His name is Walter and there's nothing in his life that he has wanted more than to meet The Muppets. In the first clip from the movie, released today, he learns that he may actually get that opportunity and he couldn't be more excited.

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Crazay2788d ago

My wife and I decided to take our daughter to this when it comes out despite her young age. I'm actually glad the Muppets are making a comeback so she can grow up watching them too.

StarWarsFan2787d ago

I have missed the Muppets for a while.