Bill Paxton In Talks To Direct ‘Kung Fu’

Deadline says

Bill Paxton is in talks to direct Kung Fu, a screen adaptation of the classic 1972 TV series that starred David Carradine. Paxton, who’s coming off a run in the HBO series Big Love, gets the job after helming two solid films: Frailty and The Greatest Game Ever Played. John McLaughlin will write the script. The film’s being put together under the Legendary Entertainment banner to shoot partly in China next summer. It is possible that this will come under Legendary East, the Hong Kong-based joint venture that involves Thomas Tull’s Legendary, but insiders said that hasn’t happened to this point.

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Crazay2758d ago

I used to watch the original Kung Fu series as a kid and really liked it. I think that Billy Paxton is more then capable of making a good movie from this series.

darklordzor2758d ago

The logic of this escapes me. Because he made a couple of good drama films, they think he's capable of handling a martial arts film? I know Kung Fu always had plenty of dramatic elements, but the action can't be ignored either.

Crazay2758d ago

true but everyone starts somewhere and broadens their horizon. I think Paxton would do a good job on this.

alycakes2758d ago

Bill Paxton is very talented and he's has directed some tv but I don't think he's done movies yet...I do think he's capable though. I would like to see a Kung Fu movie if it's done right.

JL2757d ago

He's directed Frailty and The Greatest Game Ever Played. Both movies I loved.

He has not directed any TV series, though.

alycakes2757d ago

I had heard he directed a couple of the episodes of Big Love on one of those entertainment shows but you know how they are....just like the tabloids I guess.

StarWarsFan2758d ago

Everything will depend on the star headlining this movie.

JL2757d ago

Well the Karate Kid remake had Jaden Smith. So....Will Smith? He or Tom Cruise are the only logical choices :D lol

Just kidding. In all seriousness, as I stated above, I love the two movies Paxton directed before this. And I don't think he'd make a bad casting call like that. Honestly, I expect him to make a really good call. He did on his other two movies.

Though, whoever he gets for the lead, expect them to go on to be a Hollywood "big shot" doing mediocre acting in a bunch of generic Hollywood movies. It almost seems like that's the Bill Paxton "curse".

Think about it. Lead in Frailty: Matthew McConaughey. That was just a couple years after EdTV when he was on the verge of blowing up as some Hollywood "boy toy model" with movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Failure to Launch.

The Greatest Game Ever Played. The lead? Shia LeBeouf. That movie was made right on the cusp of him blowing up too (having been noticed in I, Robot and Constantine). He goes on to blow up, doing things like Transformers, Eagle Eye, Surfs Up, Wall Street 2.

Now, not saying these actors became crap. I still enjoyed several of their post-Bill Paxton movies. However, it does seem apparent that after their Paxton movies, they both went kinda white hot and went on a streak of "cash grabs" no longer challenging themselves as actors, but rather playing their generic stereotypes (McConaughey's suave charming pretty boy and LeBeouf's nerdishly charismatic action star).

Oddly enough, 10 years after McConaughey works with Paxton he switches from the generic Hollywood movies he's been doing and gets back to some real acting in respectable films (Lincoln Lawyer). Now, almost 10 years after The Greatest Game Ever Played, LeBeouf has said he's abandoning the Hollywood stuff and will not do anymore action films, but instead is going back to taking real acting jobs in indie films. Very interesting coincidence there.