NfamousGamers - Once Upon A Time Pilot Review

Marron Marvel "I feel that somewhere inside of this concept, there is a compelling story to tell; unfortunately, the show is on ABC, which means that (like with many short-lived ABC shows) it will probably go for about 7 episodes before it starts to gain momentum and start feeling interesting – but by that time, it’ll probably be too late and the show will be canned. Of course, maybe I’m just being a pessimist. Will I watch this show again? Probably. It wasn’t bad for a series opener, but it wasn’t quite spectacular, either."

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alycakes3412d ago

I'm really liking this fairy tale show. It's even more interesting to me that they go back and forth to keep reminding us why things are as they are. It's a good story and I don't know how long it can last because afterall they have to solve the problem eventually.