How To Get Over Someone You Loved By Watching Movies

A Role Model writes:
When we lose someone we loved—be it from a break-up or any other form of loss—we tend to hold on tightly to the memories. We are afraid to lose what was once so dear to us. We fight to retain every part of the person we loved. Yet this grip we have on our past cannot serve for our present nor our future. We need to learn to breathe out that old life and breathe in a new one. We need to learn to go from our old world of “US” to our new world of “ME.” Thankfully, this is something movies can help us with.

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alycakes4160d ago

P.S. I Love You was a great movie for that if it's someone that you lost that past away. I thought that was the best was sad but funny at the same time and at the end of it I actually felt good.

If it's just a broken relationship between partners, that's a different story all together. There is no movie for that and never will be....but I could tell you stories....