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Top 9 Scary Films Based on True Stories

Next Movie writes:
"Slap the label "Based on a True Story" in ominous red letters on that poster, and you've got yourself a surefire scare flick. People say to themselves, "Well, if it could happen to those people ..." Hang on, though, because while a storyline may have at least one toe in the waters of fact, there are varying degrees of "true" in the horror game."

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darklordzor3409d ago

Yeah I love how 'true' all of those movies are. It's always funny to me to see a scary movie try and market as a true story, but any research into it shows the truth pretty quickly. Still, some of the real life stories behind them are interesting, despite the dramatization.

Oh and Zodiac is a good movie, but I wouldn't say it was scary in any way.

alycakes3408d ago was true but the movie was kinda boring.

claterz3408d ago

'The Girl Next Door' should be on there, It's the only horror movie i've seen that actually tells the story of what really happened. Even after doing research I found that the movie included all of the key points of the actual events. Really good movie too, and not boring in ANY way unlike some on that list..